Friday, June 02, 2006

A big welcome to our fans!

Just wanted to say "Welcome!" to the latest anti-Gray blog:

Of course, following the usual pattern, the publisher of this blog has used the name of The Gray News without authorization. This is absolutely not a blog hosted or posted by The Gray News.

And, as usual, no one is claiming credit for the blog.

Why? Apparently, my fans wish to admire me and Ray Clark and The Gray News from afar. They are happy to merely bask in the glow of our incredible journalistic abilities.

Or could it be my fans don't have the guts to actually stand up and be counted?

Either way, it's a voice from a person who prefers to hide in the shadows. What are they hiding? And why do they feel the need to hide? Perhaps it's simply because the blogger is embarassed by the fiction that he or she is posting.

Nathan Tsukroff

Thanks for supporting our Town Council

A quick thank you to all our citizens for supporting our Town Council.

After the close recall vote that allowed Vice-Chair Andy Upham to remain in office, the citizens of Gray have been generally supportive of the council and its actions.

I've noticed that no one is writing to this blog to complain.

I've noticed that no one is writing to the newspapers to complain.

And I've noticed that, with the exception of some speeches at a recent council meeting, no one is coming before the council and protesting the council's actions. As we all know, the lack of action is seen as acceptance of a situation. So therefore, the lack of protest can only be seen as support for the town council.

For all the noise many of our citizens made about the Pennell issue and the recall of Upham, I'm surprised there have not been more letters to the editor and more people speaking out at council meetings and workshops.

Thanks again for letting the council do its important work. The new Gray this council is creating will be an interesting place to live.

What do you think? I'm sure the council would like to hear from you! As would I.

Nathan Tsukroff

comments may be emailed to: . Please include name, address and phone for verification. Only your name will be posted.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A less-than-perfect town councilor

Herewith, an apology from Town Council Chair Gary Foster:

"From: Gary Foster [] Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 10:46 AM
To: Lynn & Mark OlsonCc: John Welch; Denise Duda; Andy Upham; Skip CraneSubject: Re: Finance Committee

Hi Lynn,

The reason for this inaccuracy was my error in drafting the notice. However, there was staff present at the Town Office to direct anyone wishing to attend to Stimson Hall.
This was not the regularly scheduled Finance Committee meeting, but was arranged to review and discuss the financial services bid only.
We chose Stimson Hall for this meeting as there is limited space in the Finance Director's office. I inadvertently posted the time at 7:30, that being the usual time for Finance Committee meetings. The reason for scheduling the meeting for 8:00 A.M. was to accommodate TD Banknorth representatives.

I apologize for the inconvenience,

Mr. Foster is only human and prone to mistakes. Sadly, he and Vice-Chair Andy Upham found fault with every little mistake made by former Town Manager Mitch Berkowitz.

Mr. Foster and Mr. Upham insisted on perfection from Berkowitz . . . should we demand nothing less than perfection from them? Of course not! It would be better for us to rise above the pettiness and accept Mr. Foster and Mr. Upham as they are.

Nathan Tsukroff

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Candidacy announced by staff of The Monument

Jeanne Adams, who runs Gray Dove Printing in Gray, was recently welcomed to the staff of The Current, the new owner of The Monument newpaper.

Curiously, Jeanne Adams just sent out this press release. This certainly appears to blur the line between a news reporter and a news maker. It's also interesting to note that The Monument has spent much ink over the past years touting its impartiality.

Also running for Town Council in the June 13 election are Julie DeRoche and Allison Libbey. Neither have been endorsed by The Monument.

Subject: Press Release: Richard Walls announces for Gray Town Council
You may have received this twice. If so, it's the same
Richard Walls is a candidate for Gray Town Council.
Dick retired after 27 years at Chrysler Financial
Corporation where he was a credit manager in charge of
loan operations where his experience included managing
finances and supervising a staff. He enjoys being
active in his church and is a veteran who served his
country in the Air Force. Dick is looking forward to
the opportunity to serve on the Council. ÒI have been
actively following local issues for the last several
years and now that I am retired I have time to devote
to public service. I would appreciate the opportunity
to serve,Ó said Walls. He is a widower who has lived
in Gray for nearly 20 years. The election is June 13.
If you would like to get to know him better and talk
about the issues call Richard Walls at 657-3486 or
email him at
Jeanne Adams
12 Main St.
P.O. Box 187
Gray, ME 04039

posted by Nathan Tsukroff

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gray needs healing

Dear Nathan,
Thank you for reopening this blog
Lewie and I feel that GRAY needs a voice/ a place for the citizens to hear the truth of what really matters in our town~Thank you for giving us that place :-)
We are confident that our town can heal from the division that Elizabeth Prata has masterminded
The deliberate personal attacks she has inflicted have to stop

Gary Foster has positioned himself against the majority of the citizens of Gray by his recent debacle of challenging the Town Meeting Article 4 results. Not just the challenging it but his false accusations against Donnie Carroll have placed Gary in a precarious spot {to say the least} Why Gary Foster would posture himself to this level is questionable

Does anyone else see this as a problem or have an opinion they would like to share?Please feel free to email Nathan @ or Lewie & myself directly

Debbie Shaw Mancini