Saturday, July 01, 2006

We get letters

Another unsigned missive from deep inside wingnut country:
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 1:31 PM
Subject: False Comments

Please STOP with your false comments about the Council. You and Ray Clark need to 'Go Away'. You Lie, and are most unethical. Paul Proudian is not to be trusted; and keeping him on the cable committee would be a Negative. You were ALL very active in the recent Recall of Mr. Upham...including Brad Fogg...what goes-around--comes-around!

Monday, June 26, 2006

"Mayor" Foster?

What's happened to Gary Foster, chair of the Town Council here in Gray.

Has power gone to his head?

It seems that Foster, whose position as chair is merely to run the bimonthly council meetings, is acting more like the mayor than a councilman. All town councilors are considered equal, but Foster, with the support of vice-chair Andy Upham, appears to be trying to run the town himself.

The purpose of the the town council is set policy direction. The actual running of the town is supposed to be left to the Town Manager. That's clearly spelled out in Gray's charter.

Foster and Upham secretly cancelled the remainder of former Town Manager Mitch Berkowitz's contract. Foster refused to share council information with former councilor John Welch, obfuscating when Welch asked for straight answers about why he refused to share that information. Foster and Upham refuse to explain their actions to our citizens about numerous other issues. And Foster and Upham continue to blame everyone around them for anything that goes wrong, as well as attack anyone who disagrees with them.

Sure, this is just my opinion, but it seems awfully close to truth, wouldn't you say????

Nathan Tsukroff

Politics rears its ugly head

It seems that Gary Foster, champion of taxpayer rights and the right to free speech, has had a change of heart.

Take Paul Proudian for example. He was up for reappointment to the Cable Committee here in Gray.

Paul was part of the recall effort against Andy Upham, vice-chair of the Town Council. Foster sits as the chair of the council.

For the first time ever, reappointments for committee members were voted on individually, at the recent town council meeting. And Paul has the dubious distinction of being the first and only person to ever be turned down for reappointment on a committee in the town of Gray.

Brad Fogg, head of the cable committee, spoke strongly in favor of reappointing Proudian. And the Cable Committee is perhaps the least political of all town comittees. But Foster didn't want any part of Proudian.

I guess Foster doesn't believe in free speech after all . . .

Nathan Tsukroff

Getting it wrong, as usual

Liz Prata, the newest cub reporter for The Current newspapers, declared herself an investigative reporter at last week's Town Council meeting.

As usual, she got it wrong in Thursday's edition.

You see, Liz completely missed the investigation into why Foster, Upham and Crane didn't want Paul Proudian as a volunteer on the Cable Committee.

Oh sure, we read all about someone storming out of the room and slamming the door behind them. What we didn't read about is the "why" behind the actions of Foster, Upham and Crane as they once again made it clear that they only want volunteers who agree with their agenda.

It seems that Mssrs. Foster, Upham and Crane are getting back at Paul for his leadership in the Andy Upham recall effort.

I guess good volunteers on the non-political Cable Committee are not part of the "Council of three's" agenda.

Where is the investigation into that, Liz?

Nathan Tsukroff