Monday, June 26, 2006

Politics rears its ugly head

It seems that Gary Foster, champion of taxpayer rights and the right to free speech, has had a change of heart.

Take Paul Proudian for example. He was up for reappointment to the Cable Committee here in Gray.

Paul was part of the recall effort against Andy Upham, vice-chair of the Town Council. Foster sits as the chair of the council.

For the first time ever, reappointments for committee members were voted on individually, at the recent town council meeting. And Paul has the dubious distinction of being the first and only person to ever be turned down for reappointment on a committee in the town of Gray.

Brad Fogg, head of the cable committee, spoke strongly in favor of reappointing Proudian. And the Cable Committee is perhaps the least political of all town comittees. But Foster didn't want any part of Proudian.

I guess Foster doesn't believe in free speech after all . . .

Nathan Tsukroff