Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Personal Vendetta Accomplished

We watched in disbelief at the actions taken by our Town Councilors Tuesday evening.

At the direct action of Fran Monroe’s opinion of Paul Proudian, Gary Foster, Skip Crane and Andrew Upham voted against the renewal of volunteer committee member Paul Proudian to the Cable Committee.

We are appalled at the seemingly predetermined predisposed decision of the COUNCIL THREE. Who is next? When will this personal vendetta stop? Are we on a COUNCIL THREE’s hit list because we were part of the recall effort? Where do we go from here folks?

If our Town Council is going to abuse their power in this fashion, there will be few volunteers left and even fewer folks to come forward to volunteer.

Do we not live in a democracy? Do we not enjoy the freedom of speech here in Gray? Where is the attitude of gratitude for our volunteers? What kind of town are we becoming when wonderful hard working volunteers are treated with willful disregard?

This is more of the same shameful behavior like that of Andrew Upham displayed toward the Community Economic Development Committee Chair Julie Sheets of late 2005.

We feel our Town Council (3) has done a disservice to the core of our volunteer efforts here in Gray.

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Lewie & Debbie Mancini