Friday, June 02, 2006

Thanks for supporting our Town Council

A quick thank you to all our citizens for supporting our Town Council.

After the close recall vote that allowed Vice-Chair Andy Upham to remain in office, the citizens of Gray have been generally supportive of the council and its actions.

I've noticed that no one is writing to this blog to complain.

I've noticed that no one is writing to the newspapers to complain.

And I've noticed that, with the exception of some speeches at a recent council meeting, no one is coming before the council and protesting the council's actions. As we all know, the lack of action is seen as acceptance of a situation. So therefore, the lack of protest can only be seen as support for the town council.

For all the noise many of our citizens made about the Pennell issue and the recall of Upham, I'm surprised there have not been more letters to the editor and more people speaking out at council meetings and workshops.

Thanks again for letting the council do its important work. The new Gray this council is creating will be an interesting place to live.

What do you think? I'm sure the council would like to hear from you! As would I.

Nathan Tsukroff

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