Saturday, May 27, 2006

Half the truth about our Library

Gary Foster has a way with words. Or is he simply having his way with those words? Either way, he's not using enough words.

In discussing the proposed build out of the Library cellar, Foster insisted that the construction could indeed be done for less than $200,000. And he's absolutely correct. The basic construction could be done for under $200,000.

Of course, what Foster did not mention is that the front doors would then have to be padlocked.

Why? Because the library would immediately be closed for violations of our public safety laws.

You see, once the cellar becomes useable space, the square footage of usable space in the building exceeds 7,100 square-feet and a full sprinkler system is required. That's not just Gray's building code - that's a national fire safety code to which all public buildings must adhere.

Of yes, and under the Americans with Disabilities Act, an elevator would be required.

All this for an extra couple of hundred thousand dollars, just as described by the architects in the report the GPLA and Library so carefully presented to the council.

Mr. Foster, the citizens of Gray want the WHOLE story, not just the part that supports your desires. It's a shame you're not under oath in a court of law - where you would have to tell the WHOLE truth.

Nathan Tsukroff