Friday, May 05, 2006

A Hypocrite

Elizabeth Prata is a big hypocrite.

For years she's attacked The Gray News, finding fault with the paper for being too close to town councilors such as Richard Barter. But in this week's edition of her so-called newspaper, she reveals that she has seven investors.

Who are those seven investors?

Do they include Gary Foster and Andy Upham? Janet Neal is a likely suspect, too.

For all Prata's hot air and pompous statements of independence, we finally see that she has some definite influences in her writing - her investors. There can be little question that Prata listens to her investors and has written articles over the years in support of her investors and their friends. And it's obvious she has attacked anyone with whom she disagrees, spreading lies and innuendo with aplomb.

Oh, how The Monument has crumbled.

And for the record, Liz, you are not a professional journalist. You are a former english teacher who likes to write.

Nathan Tsukroff