Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Prata is looking out for our well-being

Thank goodness we have the good citizens of Gray looking out for our well-being.

That's how The Current's newest cub reporter, Liz Prata, presented her reason for calling Andy Upham back in April to tell him Town Manager Mitch Berkowitz was in the Town Hall.

Forget the fact that Berkowitz was still officially the Manager. And forget the fact that he had every right to be in Town Hall as the Manager. In a response to a question at tonight's Town Council meeting from Cheryl Welch, wife of former Town Councilor John Welch, Liz said she was driving by town hall on the morning of Saturday, April 8, when she say Berkowitz's car in the parking lot of Town Hall, along with the car of the town's attorney, Bill Dale.

Liz said she was "curious about why Mitch was in town hall" and immediately called Chair Gary Foster to ask if he had authorized the situation. When she was unable to reach Foster, she then called Upham, she said.

Liz said that Upham immediately came to Town Hall and Berkowitz promptly left.

Thank goodness we have Liz watching out for us. Because if the Town Manager, who was still the manager and a month away from the end of his tenure, was in the Town Hall without permission, that would have been trouble.

Or was Liz trying to make trouble . . . ?

Nathan Tsukroff