Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A new mandate for Gray's Town Council

The citizens of Gray presented a new mandate to the town on Tuesday with the election of Alison Libbey and Julie DeRoche over conservative Richard Walls.

Obviously, our townspeople are crying for common sense and this can be seen as a slap in the face for Andy Upham, Gary Foster, Elizabeth Prata and especially Jeanne Adams, all of whom supported Walls.

The vote left Walls out of the running by more than 28 votes, a large margin that sends a powerful message to our sitting council.

I think our sitting council will now heed this call from our citizens and mend their errant ways, don't you?

Nathan Tsukroff

PS - for those of you who need everything spelled out - this a satirical piece. Obviously, 28 votes is virtually meaningless as a percentage of the 830 votes cast. Walls' defeat is probably due to the whims of voters who did not have a lot of information about any of the candidates. And the town council will continue with the course of action that the majority of councilors deems best for Gray and its citizens.

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