Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An investigative reporter

The Current newspaper's newest cub reporter, Liz Prata, told the world tonight at the Town Council meeting that she's "an investigative reporter."

I say the first thing she should investigate is the whereabouts of her journalistic abilities.

In my opinion, she's either a really bad journalist or just plain doesn't know how to report a story. After all, she couldn't even get the basic facts correct about my traffic duty at the high school.

First, I can't quit a job that comes to an end in a couple of weeks. Remember - I was appointed for a one-year term that ends June 30. I simply am not renewing . . . end of story, no big deal, and certainly not the headline news she pretends it is.

Unless, of course, all you want to do is throw mud at someone who revealed that Council Chair Gary Foster broke the law by deleting a year's worth of emails. Take a note, Liz - that's not my opinion but a ruling from the office of the Maine Attorney General.

I encourage Liz to keep at this investigative journalism gig. It will take some time and hard work, but if she keeps at, she'll be a professional journalist some day.

Nathan Tsukroff