Monday, June 26, 2006

"Mayor" Foster?

What's happened to Gary Foster, chair of the Town Council here in Gray.

Has power gone to his head?

It seems that Foster, whose position as chair is merely to run the bimonthly council meetings, is acting more like the mayor than a councilman. All town councilors are considered equal, but Foster, with the support of vice-chair Andy Upham, appears to be trying to run the town himself.

The purpose of the the town council is set policy direction. The actual running of the town is supposed to be left to the Town Manager. That's clearly spelled out in Gray's charter.

Foster and Upham secretly cancelled the remainder of former Town Manager Mitch Berkowitz's contract. Foster refused to share council information with former councilor John Welch, obfuscating when Welch asked for straight answers about why he refused to share that information. Foster and Upham refuse to explain their actions to our citizens about numerous other issues. And Foster and Upham continue to blame everyone around them for anything that goes wrong, as well as attack anyone who disagrees with them.

Sure, this is just my opinion, but it seems awfully close to truth, wouldn't you say????

Nathan Tsukroff