Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A new mandate for Gray's Town Council

The citizens of Gray presented a new mandate to the town on Tuesday with the election of Alison Libbey and Julie DeRoche over conservative Richard Walls.

Obviously, our townspeople are crying for common sense and this can be seen as a slap in the face for Andy Upham, Gary Foster, Elizabeth Prata and especially Jeanne Adams, all of whom supported Walls.

The vote left Walls out of the running by more than 28 votes, a large margin that sends a powerful message to our sitting council.

I think our sitting council will now heed this call from our citizens and mend their errant ways, don't you?

Nathan Tsukroff

PS - for those of you who need everything spelled out - this a satirical piece. Obviously, 28 votes is virtually meaningless as a percentage of the 830 votes cast. Walls' defeat is probably due to the whims of voters who did not have a lot of information about any of the candidates. And the town council will continue with the course of action that the majority of councilors deems best for Gray and its citizens.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some thoughts about Prata and The Monument

Good morning Nathan & family,We read the latest issue of the Gray News—Wonderful Job once again! We love seeing Andrew helping out with the Gray Fire Dept & EMS –What a sweet boy he is!

The article under "Gray Matters" by Richard Barter is excellent - His eloquence is profound – Hopefully, more & more citizens of Gray will awaken to the dark side of evil that lurks within our town – It sure is mighty frightful to come to the full realization of how effective Elizabeth Prata has been in polluting the minds of a few people in our town. The defiling manipulative manner in which she reports the news and slants her editorials & commentaries is downright shameful! We became fully aware of this treachery many years ago when she first came to town & started up the Monument paper. Her poisonous pen has inoculation a tremendous number of citizens of Gray. By way of intimidation and insinuation, she has polarized our town. The verbal lashing and bashing of innocent people has been her forte for years!
We are hopeful that the new owners of the Monument will keep a keen eye on her writing and keep her at bay. Strong accountability is the best policy. We are watchful and aware of her actions, deeds and words—Only to help protect ourselves and our fellow citizens of Gray from her harmful corruptive ways

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Election results

June 13, 2006

Election results, Town of Gray

831 voters for municipal ballot. A few write-ins, many of them fictitious. 25 legitimate write-ins, but no more than 5 votes for any 1 person.


Town Council (2 seats)
Julia B. DeRoche 459
Alison E. Libbey 525
Richard T. Walls 430
SAD 15 (2 seats)
Will H Burrow 387
Sandra M MacDonald 500
Sheryl Robinson 384
Gray Water District
Ben T Mott 702
(121 blanks, 12 write-ins)
SAD 15 Articles
2 – yes 633, no 187
3 – yes 620, no 197
4 – yes 549, no 264
5 – yes 588, no 216
6 – yes 349, no 257
7 – yes 593, no 201
8 – yes 659, no 143
Republican Party Primary
US Senator
Olympia Snow 325
5 write-ins for Edward Libbey

David F Emery 100
S Peter Mills 145
Chandler Woodcock 154

Dist 1 Rep to congress
Darlene J Curley 305

State Senator, Dist 11
Karl W Turner 338

Rep to Legislature
Dist 109 – Susan M Austin 298
Dist 110 – Clayton Haskill 61 (please check spelling for this name)

County Treasurer
John F Ridge 304

Register of Deeds
Donna M Chapman 321

10 write-ins for Edwin Blais

District Attorney
Stephanie Anderson 338

County Commissioner, Dist 3
Alfred L Austin 308

Green Independent Party Primary

Patricia H LaMarche 3


Democratic Party Primary
US Senator (1 seat)
Jean M Hay Bright 118
Eric M Mehnert 90

John E Baldacci 158
Christopher Miller 83

Rep to Congress, Dist 1
Thomas H Allen 217

State Senator, Dist 11
John P Simpson 204

Rep to the Legislature
Dist 109 – Anne P Graham 147
Dist 110 - Mark Bryant 64

Judge of Probate
Joseph R Mazziotti 200

County Treasurer
Diane Lee Gurney 197

Register of Deeds
Pamela E Lovley 200

Mark H Dion 204

County Commissioner, Dist 3
Malory Otteson Shaughnessy 194