Thursday, August 03, 2006

Don't waste my time

I hope my detractors don't think I'm wasting my time reading their rude and inappropriate comments on the other blogs.

In all honesty, I've been to the monumentnews blog once on purpose and a second time by accident. I've been to the gray-news blog once. I believe Liz Prata's blogs are one-sided, and appear to be outlets for her anger at the world.

I don't see the purpose in commenting on those blogs, especially since the blog administrators allow anonymous commentary.

Anyone wishing to have an intelligent discussion is welcome to send an email to me or Paul Proudian. I notice I haven't heard directly from my detractors. It's easy to hide behind a wall and shout nasty names. But it takes great moral character to stand up and publicly announce your beliefs.

While I am diametrically opposed to the positions taken by Elizabeth Prata, and I respect the fact she at least had the courage to publicly state her opinions, I'm disgusted that she allows commenters on her blogs to post anonymously. I believe her actions have fomented the continued devisiveness and nastiness in Gray.

Nathan Tsukroff

What are they afraid of?

I'm told my detractors have been rather nasty on some of the blogs.

I'm also told that the nasty comments are unsigned. I wonder why?

Any time I've commented on a blog, I've made it a point to sign my name. I'm not afraid to stand up and be counted.

My only guess is that my detractors in the blogosphere don't have the moral character to stand up for that they believe in. What are they afraid of? Perhaps they're afraid their neighbors will recognize them for the what they are . . .

Nathan Tsukroff

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A policy against photographs

Liz Prata, who apparently announced today she's quitting The Monument and moving out of Maine, complained recently that some groups in town don't send photographs to her former paper.

That's because Liz established a policy years ago that she would not accept articles or photographs if the sender was submitting articles or photographs on the same subject to another newspaper.

Liz sent numerous emails stating this policy.

It's ironic that Liz now finds fault when someone follows the policy she established.

Nathan Tsukroff

Our local paper

It appears Gray is back to having only one real "local" newspaper - The Gray News.

After trumpeting her glories for the past six years, Elizabeth Prata and the consortium that owned The Monument recently sold out to a chain of weeklies based in Westbrook. That chain quickly quelched Prata's rhetoric.

The Monument is now hardly more than a shopper, showing none of the sharp, biting editorials and journalism for which Prata became infamous. And it appears The Monument now prefers to print articles and fluff pieces about surrounding towns.

Thankfully, The Gray News continues on right here in Gray, supporting our town and our school. And The Gray News is produced by people who still live right here in Gray.

Monuments may crumble, but The Gray News carries on!

Nathan Tsukroff

Prata says "I quit!"

Dear Readers,

It's with a sad heart that I report to you, our loyal readers, that Elizabeth Prata, cub reporter for The Monument, has quit.

Prata has apparently given up on our wonderful town of Gray and will be moving down south. Word has it that she's going to be working on her PhD.

I'm shocked that Prata, who has been such a champion for all that is Gray, has decided to walk away from our town. Especially after all her rhetoric about supporting our town and wanting to make this a better place.

Thankfully, Gary Foster, Andy Upham, and Skip Crane will carry the banner that Prata has waved so proudly these past years.

Good luck, Liz, we'll miss you!

Nathan Tsukroff