Friday, February 10, 2006

Failed journalism and a broken "record"

Our self-proclaimed town watchdog appears to have become a lapdog.
After proclaiming the evils of the town fathers for years, Prata is strangely silent on Gary Foster's deletion of public documents. And she appears to favor Upham's desire to abolish fire-safety requirements for new housing in Gray.
A true watchdog would look for evil under every seat, not just the seats of those she dislikes, such as Mitch Berkowitz or Ray Clark.
Oddly, instead of looking further into Foster's deletion of public documents, Prata went out of her way to defend him. She has failed in her journalistic responsibility as a watchdog.
However, the record of that failure is hidden . . . because The Monument website has not archived any issues from early 2005. The "newspaper of record" has no record! Is this an attempt to hide something? Or is the "record" broken . . .
Nathan Tsukroff