Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Say what?

A certain former town council member talked about a certain blog at a certain meeting on a certain day this week.
What did I just say?
Translation: Fran Monroe referred to "a blog" hosted by "a spouse of a committee chairman" at the town council meeting on Tuesday.
She didn't use any names and made thinly veiled references to people and actions.
Please - if you're going to complain about us, don't beat around the bush. Stand up and be counted! If you have the guts to stand in front of the town council and complain, be enough of an adult to present your complaint clearly and concisely.
We're not happy with the present council, and we make that very clear. Prata is not happy with Mitch Berkowitz or me, and makes that very clear.
Besides, we could use the publicity. People need to know where to find the truth about our town.
Nathan Tsukroff