Monday, February 06, 2006

We're back

That was a nice diversion. If you're ever in Florida's Big Bend country, this place is pretty cool, a vestige of what things must have been like in the days before The Mouse. At left is a picture of one of the locals.

Thanks to Nathan for keeping things interesting here. Site visitor statistics took a big jump last week. I see we've been discovered by various Politburo commissars and state media. Welcome aboard, folks. Stick around. You might learn something about yourselves -- but only if you stop gazing into that distorted funhouse mirror you keep holding up in front of yourselves.

Speaking of Pravda, I see this blog is THE talk among the ruling elite who hang out at Liz's wacky wingnut bistro. How odd -- you'd think they had better things to do than worry about what people are saying over here, an insignificant speck in the digital universe. But then, fretting about critics is much easier than actual leadership. And I suppose if I had just spent 8 months subverting democracy, smearing citizen volunteers, abusing competent professionals and setting my town back twenty years I'd be concerned about my image too. Demagogues can be sooooo sensitive.