Sunday, January 29, 2006

The next Town Council order?

Town Council members appear to be following the lead of The Monument's editor and self-proclaimed "arbiter of what's right" in the town of Gray. There is no apparent dissention in the ranks from Foster, Upham and Crane.

Are they going to blindly follow Prata where ever she leads them? Without questioning her motives? Or are they in collusion with Prata?

They were elected in a democratic process to follow the will of the majority of townspeople.

They appear to believe this is an autocratic process where they follow their own will. And Prata cheers them on weekly!

What's next for the Town Council? Town Council Order #666 declaring Prata to be God?
Of course not. But the council members certainly have failed to show their independence from Prata or her influence, and Gray is the worse for that failure.
Nathan Tsukroff