Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A twist on "Don't ask, don't tell"

Our current town council has given new meaning to the phrase "Don't ask, don't tell."
Our council does not ask what the majority of townspeople want, and ignores those wishes when given. A prime example is the 2:1 vote in favor of moving the library to Pennell. The council, newly-seated at the time, simply ignored the referendum vote and moved ahead with its own agenda to get a seventh court ruling to determine ownership of the building.
And then "don't tell" comes into play.
The council doesn't tell townspeople what its planning to do. Abolishment of the mass-gathering ordinance was presented as a fait accompli, without any input from the Public Safety committee.
Now the council won't ask Mitch Berkowitz for his input, and won't tell Mitch about their plans.
This is not the way to run a town. This is not acting like a democracy.
Gary Foster and Andy Upham should be ashamed of the way they have changed a democracy to an autocracy.
Sadly, this is how the rulers acted in the Soviet Union.
I certainly I hope Foster and Upham prove me wrong about this!
Nathan Tsukroff