Saturday, January 07, 2006

Independent journalism, Prata style

Elizabeth Prata just may be the most delusional person in Gray. Following Tuesday's late-running council meeting, the manic Monument editor was up until the wee hours of the morning furiously firing emails at Julie and CEDC, making sure they understood the seriousness of their civic thought crimes.

Here's a snippet from a followup note la Prata sent to Julie and CEDC at 3:27am on Jan. 5. Always the loyal palace scribe, Prata cc'd it to her council lackeys. They were no doubt grateful to read such a stirring defense after their embarrassing performance the previous evening:
Council was deeply disappointed in the CEDC's behavior over the last six months and brought you in to say so.
Council not only has that right, but has that responsibility. I do understand that when the light of self -reflection is shined upon oneself that is may be difficult to examine what may not be working, but I hope and trust that you, and your committee, as a citizens who have chosen to serve, would be amenable to council's wish to engage in more positive and fruitful work on the Town's behalf.

Thank you for your time,

This from Gray's most bombastically independent self-appointed civic watchdog. Oy! Calling it hypocrisy doesn't do it justice.