Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why I left the Monument


This is why I left The Monument -

I was asked to report on the horrific controversy surrounding the Rescue Captain who resigned from the North Yarmouth Fire-Rescue Department.

I was told that "people are asking what's going on." There was a mysterious email that I was told about, but not allowed to see . . .

When I called the Rescue Captain, she was quite open and polite, and simply explained that she had family issues that pulled her away from the department. The fire chief confirmed this.

. . . end of controversy.

What I found disgusting was Prattle's spiteful attempt to create an issue where none existed. It was clear she was trying to make trouble.

That's not editing a newspaper. That's simply making up stories so you can run a big headline.

Shame on her!

Nathan Tsukroff