Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Is she a fool, or simply lying?


I'm astounded that Prata has claimed to have "lost" all her emails. I can't get rid of a simple file, and she loses all her emails? So am I to assume all the email automatically saved to her hard drive when she opens email also magically dissolved when the "server in California" crashed?

Either Prata is a total fool for not backing up her email - and we all know about backing up our files, which I do regularly - or she thinks WE'RE the fools for believing her when she claims the server crashed.

And if you think for a moment that a good web host isn't running RISQ protocols (multiple hard drives to "mirror" each other in case of a crash) then you just don't think at all.

Is Prata hiding something? That crash is just too coincidental when you consider I was investigating Gary Foster's email correspondence with her just the week before the "server crash."

I hope you're thinking, too!

Nathan Tsukroff