Saturday, December 31, 2005

Best. Editorial. Ever.

Ray smacks down rogue council:
This is a Council whose principal achievements in its six months in office have been negative. It chased Matt Sturgis from the Council. It asked for volunteers to serve out Sturgis' term, and when one came forward, delayed and stalled until it could convince someone more amenable to its views to take the job. It vowed to cease workshops, which it said circumvented the public interest, and then held longer and later workshops than any Council in recorded history. It did its best, or worst, to humiliate Pam Wilkinson, a former Councilor who wanted to continue to serve the Town as a member of the Ordinance Review Committee. It accused two members of the Trustees of the Gray Public Library of conflict of interest, then "incompatibility of office", then dropped the whole thing. It dissed the Planning Board for being (a) too restrictive on development and (b) too flexible on development. It threw out a year or more of work on a new zoning plan, and gave the task to a real-estate developer. And it has treated the Town Manager shamefully.
Read the whole takedown here.