Thursday, January 05, 2006

Now THAT'S Entertainment!

Tuesday night's council session was classic Gray farce -- Fellini meets "High Noon". A big crowd on hand. All 4 real members of the Community Economic Development Committee (plus viral implant Jeanne Adams) were called before the Inquisition to answer sundry nonspecific charges of malfeasance, incompetence, and heresy. I won't describe the entire exchange except to note that by the time it was over, the citizens of Gray had even more reasons to feel embarrassed by what a sad, pathetic spectacle our elected leadership has become.

Just two weeks after the the Clown Council spent a half hour on a shameful, one-sided, innuendo-laden attack on CEDC, they were backpedaling defensively, buckling under the combined weight of a righteously indignant committee and an outraged crowd. Julie, Ralph Wink and Jeanne Carpentier remained cool but pointed, while Jack Goosetrey provided the comic relief the situation obviously deserved. Good stuff. Unable to bully their victims, our pathetic councilors just wound up looking more ridiculously petty than ever.

To his credit, John Welch (and to a lesser extent Duda) displayed some backbone. Foster, on the other hand, appeared panicky and stricken, Crane was incoherent, and Lord Upham spent much of the evening in a scowling desultory funk. Gotta give Andy some credit, though -- he gave us the line of the night. When Julie asked him why he simply never called her to discuss his litany of Very Serious Concerns, Mister Take-Charge replied: "I didn't want to talk to you." Now THAT'S leadership, folks!

The clowns will make the decision to disband CEDC at their next meeting on the 17th, so there's going to be much more juicy demagoguery, bloviation and embarassing civic incompetence for your viewing pleasure.

GCTV has provided the library with both VHS and DVD copies of this very entertaining four-hour show. The first hour or so contains the CEDC drama. Definitely worth watching. It's truly one of the lowest moments this bottom-dwelling council has ever produced.