Saturday, April 15, 2006

"No one" supports Andy Upham

Have you noticed something interesting about Andy Upham's supposed supporters?

None of them dare to publicly announce their support. Oh sure, you see the ads, but what's missing are the names of anyone who supports Andy. Oh sure, you read about him in The Monument, but you notice that no one is willing to stand up and be counted as his supporter.

In order to file the recall papers, 5 people had to publicly announce their opposition to Upham. And all 39 petition collectors had to clearly state their names on the petition forms. And 1029 voters were certified as having signed their names in favor of the recall.

So you have 5 names, then 39 names, then 1029 names.

But you can't count the names of the people who support Andy, because they won't come out of the shadows.

Makes you wonder who actually supports Andy, doesn't it? Perhaps no one supports him. The voters will make that clear on May 2 when they vote YES for his recall.

Nathan Tsukroff