Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pravda in America

Pravda is a Russian word that means "truth". The irony is that the Soviet government used it's national newspaper, called "Pravda", to spread lies that the government wanted to foist on its citizens in order to mislead them.
We now have Pravda here in Gray. Instead of presenting facts and the truth, Prata and her group of are spreading lies and untruths in Prata's newspaper - which is why Paul Proudian refers to her as "Pravda."
A fitting term, I fear, especially after this week's issue of The Monument.
And in a mailing to everyone in Gray this weekend, The Pravda group claims the recall is an attempt to "overthrow Gray's government." Quite simply, the recall of a single rogue town councilor doesn't constitute a revolt. It's merely the desire to remove a councilor whom the majority of voters find to be revolting.
Hysteria and misleading statements in the Pravda won't mislead the voters who wish for a return to civility and common sense with the removal of Andy Upham.

Nathan Tsukroff