Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Sound of Silence

Ask the members of the Town Council a question. Any question. Go on, I dare you. Now share the answer with your neighbors.

You won't be able to, because the Town Council won't talk to most of us. Council Chair Gary Foster still hasn't replied to Richard Hall's emails from several weeks ago.

Vice-Chair Andy Upham spoke to me only long enough to make it clear he didn't want to speak to me. And Councilor Denise Duda has stopped answering any emails I or anyone I know has sent to her.

This is a sad commentary on our council - first they ignore the will of the people in the (non-binding) vote on Pennell, then they simply ignore the people!

Just one more reason to recall Andy Upham. If you don't have the courtesy to at least respond to your constituents, you should not continue in public office.

I hope Crane, Foster, and Duda are listening. And I hope they will respond to future emails and questions from the citizens of Gray.

Nathan Tsukroff