Monday, February 27, 2006

Personal attacks prove our point

Well, Prata has done it again.
Another personal attack when she can't argue a point on its merits.
Unable to find fault with Paul Proudian for this blog, Prata chose to blog a pretend letter from Paul to President Bush, along with a postscript that mentioned Paul's ancestral heritage.
And this from a member of the Society of Professional Journalists!
A blog by a member of the SPJ is still a publication. Granted the journalist has greater freedom in their writing in a blog, since there is not the same oversight from an editor. But a journalist's blog is not a place for personal attacks.
It simply proves our point that Prata is mean-spirited and will attack anyone with whom she disagrees. Attacking someone's sexual orientation or familial heritage is outrageous in today's enlightened society. The Nazi regime in 1930's Germany comes quickly to mind.
Prata would have retained at least a modicum of credibility had she simply continued to publish the nasty letters such as the attack on Don Crandall. Her disgusting attempt at humor with this fake letter is just that - disgusting.
It's another example of the nastiness that Prata tries to pass off as journalism.
She doesn't fool me, though. I know journalists, and Prata is no journalist!
Nathan Tsukroff