Thursday, February 23, 2006

Note to commenters

A few days ago I posted a comment (under my name) in response to some general questions about comments. I said that no comment would be deleted here as long as the comment fell inside some very generous commonsense limits. I don't think I need to explain those limits to most people, but in case anyone doesn't get it: no obscenities, no libel, no threats of violence. You can hold strong opinions without going nuts. Even in Gray.

I was just alerted that a recent comment exceeded these limits. I confirmed this was the case and deleted it -- first time I have done so. My guess is that the comment was simply a stink bomb put up by a troll in search of a reaction.

The decision to include unfiltered comments on this blog was among the most difficult. I don't read every comment posted here, but I generally enjoy them and encourage people to comment as often as they wish. Comments are a good way to exchange information and get something off your chest quickly. There's also something about the abbreviated nature of comments that brings out wit in a way few other opinion venues can. They're often hilarious, but they can sting, too. That's the idea. However, I will not hesitate to delete a comment that crosses the line described above. If the abuse persists, I have the ability to track down the abuser's IP address and block it. If that doesn't work, I will require registration of commenters. If comments become too troublesome to manage, I will shut the comment section down permanently. While I recognize that such an action would make some people in town very happy, it will have no effect on this blog's primary purpose - documenting, publicizing and mocking the abuse of power in Gray. If you want to post anonymous trash, I suggest you call Sound Off.