Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Less is more

Town Council Chair Gary Foster advocates less government. He would like to relieve the town's "regulatory quagmire." And I'm sure he would welcome less government interference in our daily living.
Which is interesting, considering his intereference in the signature-collection process for the petition to recall Vice-Chair Andy Upham.
On Tuesday, Foster instructed Town Manager Mitch Berkowitz to ask Priscilla at the library to tell petition gatherers they could not stay inside the building. Foster claimed signature collection inside the library violated a prohibition against employees supporting a policital campaign.
That was completely wrong, as lawyers immediately made clear. First, town employees were not involved in collecting signatures. Secondly, the library is a public place, and public places are used for elections so there is no reasonable prohibition against campaigning on public property.
Less government? Sure . . . unless your friend is being threatened by a recall. Then MORE government is called for, right Gary?
Foster, a champion of the constitution, has just walked all over it. Shame on him!
Nathan Tsukroff