Friday, February 24, 2006

"I love the smell of conflict . . . "

This was included in the SPJ roundup, e-mailed 2-23-06.
FAVORITE HATE MAIL. Elizabeth Prata of the Monument Newspaper in Gray, Maine, shares her favorite hate mail:
The town’s 30-year deputy election clerk happened to have violated State election laws in three consecutive elections, including throwing out valid write-in ballots because she personally didn’t like the people who were listed.
Here’s how one man responded to The Monument’s article exploring the issue:
“The biggest threat to democracy in Gray doesn’t come from sloppy election management, but from the fact that a few screeching, self-righteous conflict addicts continually deter good people from participating in town affairs through the use of character assassination. Your unjustified attack on Donna Hill’s competence makes you a part of this problem, not the solution. Now do the right thing and apologize to the nice lady.”
“I loved his phrase ‘screeching, self-righteous conflict addict’ so much I laminated it and put it on my coffee mug,” Prata said. “Mmm, I love the smell of conflict in the morning.”