Monday, April 03, 2006

Can you hear me now?

There is no reason to believe that Tuesday night's council meeting will not follow standard clown show script: parliamentary disorganization, endless debate, personal abuse, unprecedented micromanagement and the inevitable vertigo-inducing policy detour or late-night surprise. But there should be at least one important difference this time around: you'll be able to hear it better.

The improved audio is the result of heroic efforts by those wacky gearheads on the Gray Cable TV Committe (Brad, Ryan and Mark, with occasional assist from yours truly), who spent the better part of a sunny Saturday overhauling the Stimson Hall sound system. This complex and tedious endeavour was made necessary by the dismal performance of the wireless microphone system installed when the council decided to move off the stage and down onto the main floor.

The entire Stimson audio-visual system is optimized for the stage. The original cabled mikes connected to audio jacks set into the stage floor, but with the council's descent (literal and figurative) this meant unsightly, toe-catching cables running every which way. To avoid this, GCTV purchased and installed expensive wireless microphones, but despite their alleged quality these turned out to be noisy, interference-prone, and unreliable. Plus they drained batteries faster than my old Buick. So after much drilling, snipping, and knob-twirling, we are back to the old mikes, cabled as neatly and unobtrusively as possible. Councilors will simply have to watch their step, a small price to pay for improved acoustics. Only the public microphone remains wireless, to the undoubted relief of Gray's many Tuesday-night karaoke enthusiasts.

GCTV - by far the BEST source of town council coverage in Gray! Accept no substitutes!

I should probably also mention this item on the agenda:
Third Order of Business: Order #57- (Tabled January 3, 2006) Review and act upon amending the Council Rules to abolish the Community Economic Development Committee. Sponsor- Town Council. This action requires a majority vote after an opportunity for public comment.
Turn up the volume and enjoy the spectacle.