Saturday, March 25, 2006

Reader contest!

Nathan's post below inspires an idea: Readers, whats your favorite all-time Andy Upham quote? Andy's penchant for grand pronouncements, manly metaphors and quirky jargon has left an extensive rhetorical trail that's far too entertaining to be forgotten. Lets collect some of the Vice Chairman's most memorable lines in one place so that posterity will be able to fully appreciate his legendary verbosity.

The only rules (for now) are (1) all quotes must be an Upham original, (2) All quotes must be documented, and (3) All contributions must be posted in the comment thread under this post for peer scrutiny.

Think back, dig through the written record, or watch a council video. After an undetermined amount of time and several shots of vodka, the BWG editorial team will select the best of the best and post them right here on the front page for all the world to see.

To get things rolling, here's my contribution:
"My strong preference is to build upon the core values of the wonderful People of Gray. I am their tool."

-Upham email to Elizabeth Prata 6/29/05 following Upham's reversal of the Pennell/GPLA referendum mandate
You can't make this stuff up.