Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Liar, liar, pants on fire

If you ever wanted proof that Liz at The Monument is full of baloney, you have it now.
She's spent an inordinate amount of time telling everyone that I have presented lies to our readers.
But in one of her recent blog postings, she presented a complete fabrication. In her blog she reports on a conversation I had with John Welch. About the only thing she got right is the fact that I spoke with Welch.
Now let's get something straight here - neither Prata, the former English teacher, nor I, a photographer by trade, do an excellent job with our writing. However, despite mistakes in articles, I have never made up outright fabrications. Now Prata has.
It's one thing to present an opinion, as we do in this blog. It's shameful for Prata to post outright fabrications in a blog that is clearly an extension of her newspaper.
Nathan Tsukroff