Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hobson's Choice

Upham & Crane's bungled attempt to illegally remove Mitch as town manager brings up the question of motive. What was behind this display of profound administrative ignorance? These clowns are Mayberry Machiavellis (a surprisingly apt phrase stolen from John DiIulio) and given the record it would be naive to assume it wasn't part of some fevered agenda worked out beforehand. Still, the fact that Foster bailed out early, combined with Crane's post-fiasco attempt to dismiss the whole thing as insufficient forethought on his part, does suggest a certain lack of pre-planning.

So what the hell was this ridiculous and potentially catastrophic spectacle all about? Collective incompetence with an ulterior motive or simple individual stupidity? And does anybody feel as glum as I do that these are the only two possibilities?