Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Gentleman

If I believe what I read in The Monument, our Town Manager, Mitch Berkowitz, is an insubordinate jerk.
The problem is, I can't find any evidence of that.
You see, despite all the pressure he's been under, Mitch has never said or done anything less than what I would expect from a gentleman.
On several occasions I've asked Mitch questions intended to give him the opportunity to speak his mind. He has refused to take the bait.
In fact, Mitch has always spoken courteously of all Town Council members, and has been even-handed in his dealings with everyone. I have never seen him show favoritism to those he likes, or act rudely to do those I would assume he finds less than likeable.
A recent comment in this blog called Mitch unsubordinate. I simply don't see any evidence of that.
I hope this Town Council comes to its senses. A professional town manager of Mitch's caliber is hard to find and will be very hard to replace.
Mitch truly epitomizes the word "gentleman".
Nathan Tsukroff